Sep 152011

Considering that most things about the movie The Bourne Ultimatum and that it was well done concerning IT were already mentioned in the previous gibberish post this will rather become a short blog post and I will get straight to it.

Yet again this isn’t really gibberish but also a continuity goof.

Check out the following two pictures and pay close attention to the blood type. While on David Webb’s dog tag blood type 0 negative is engraved, the later induction report will state blood group A positive.

Jason Bourne / David Webb military identification tag

Header of Jason Bourne's training report

I can’t think of a reason why this might as a matter of fact be intentional – why would they want to hide a person’s (even a CIA cover agent’s) blood type. Let alone I don’t know why they wouldn’t just match the reports to the military ID tags…

  2 Responses to “Computer gibberish in movie – part 4”

  1. The Bourne movies shaky-cam over parts of various pages, but never enough to piece together a whole page. You’d have to have access to the original props which are likely long gone.

  2. Is there any way to see the full report and not have it cut off. I really would appreciate if you knew someway to see the full report. Im trying to duplicate it

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