Dec 282012

This is probably the first post in my blog about a review/rating of a real product (apart from similar reviews like Virgin Mobile service and btrfs). Also, I would like to mention that Cooler Master fabricates excellent products and I have had good experience with them. However, my use of the Cooler Master Blade Master 92 CPU fan was not so successful.

The computer at hand contains an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (running at 4x 2.4 GHz), it was built in late 2007. I didn’t give it many breaks, so it was pretty much running constantly since then, with a few exceptions (moving places, i.e. a period of a few hours, or building in new harddrives or a power supply, i.e. a period of a few minutes). The built in CPU fan also was from Cooler Master, however I could not find the model name (model no. was A9025-18RB-3BN-F1) when it started to make problems half a year ago (means it was working perfectly fine for 4.5 years with a few short breaks).

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