Jul 082009

After the first complications with the quadruple boot, I was facing new ones when I tried to do everything again on a new hard drive.
The installation order was 1. Windows XP 2. Windows 7 (which recognized the “old” XP and integrated it in the boot loader) 3. Ubuntu 9.04 4. OpenSolaris 2009.06
(for detailed partition info see quadruple-boot blog entry).

The boot process would then be like this:

  • load OpenSolaris GRUB from third primary
    1. boot OpenSolaris from third primary
    2. load Microsoft bootloader from first primary
    3. load Microsoft bootloader from second primary
    1. boot Windows 7 from C: (as first primary)
    2. boot Windows XP from E: (as second primary)
  • boot Ubuntu (several entries for different kernels) from logical

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