Jun 302011

A few days ago, Google launched their version of social networking in the shape of Google+.
Like most Google projects, this seems to be in a semi-closed beta phase allowing members to invite new people. My guess is they randomly selected Google accounts that were automatically joined into the program for trying it out. Ever since then a huge wave of asking for and giving out invites has occurred.

While you’re still trying to figure out whether you should join or stay away, let me just quickly give short instructions on how to give away or receive invites for GooglePlus:

  1. Create something on your stream. That’s on the main window in the middle – it doesn’t matter whether you’re posting a note or link or video and the likes
  2. Share your post with the person you’d like to invite by clicking +Add circles or people to share with… and enter their email address. (At this point in time I do not know whether that email needs to be already associated with a Google account)
  3. The person will receive an email with a button Learn more about Google+, which practically is their invite link

In order to get an invite, you will need a person already on Google+ (e.g. me 😉 ) to do the above.

Now, go have fun on Google+ and remember two things:

Please also keep in mind, that the instructions (as well as the labels) might just apply to this early stage and may change in the future. I will not update this blog post but keep it a reminder of how things were in the beginning :).

UPDATE (01/07/2011): Looks like Google closed that way of inviting new people, sorry folks.

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