Aug 302011

Well, to put this down as “gibberish” would be unfair, because it’s quite reasonable information right there. It’s rather what would be called “continuity goofs” over at the IMDb. Furthermore my remarks in the introduction of the first part of the blog series still apply, that with current HD quality movies, it’s easy to pull up a still and check the information sold to us by the movie makers.

I have to admit, the people responsible for The Bourne Ultimatum have done a pretty good job, both with the movie in general and as far as IT authenticity is concerned. (As a small side-note: sorry, idealists, but I have not read the book)
However, there are a few things (to be followed), where they did sloppy work – remember when Nicky says “it’s being blocked by the firewall”?

To get to the point, throughout the movie we are presented with glimpses of CIA files on the big screen in the operations room. One of them is Nicky Parson’s file, some time later both hers and Jason’s are shown side by side.

Check out the category where it says “Short Summary” (e.g. including the weapons training) and compare the two images:

Digital file of Nicky Parsons in the movie "The Bourne Ultimatum"

Digital files of Jason Bourne in Nicky Parsons in "The Bourne Ultimatum"

Note that they just copied Nicky’s information over to Jason and filled Nicky’s file with new stuff? I can’t really find a reasonable explanation why they didn’t just fill the category in Jason’s file with new values …

Oh well, they are forgiven, but stay tuned for another continuity goof in the movie 🙂 (UPDATE (15/09/2011): this one)

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