Nov 212011

About half a year ago I published a PHP script that could extract text messages from an iPhone SQLite container. It was followed by an online version (blog post) a few weeks later, which was a website offering to use the original PHP script for text message extraction without having to install and/or run a webserver.

The online version continued development including security checks and the likes. Until I have more than 24h a day at my disposal, I will continue development on the online version only. The source code for the online version is not yet publicly available (it will be once I merge the two branches), but please do contact me if you’re interested.

The current blog post is about a small update that basically fixed the CSV format. Even though there is no “CSV standard” and a few different formats in common usage, I am refering to RFC 4180: enclosing text with double quotes and escaping double quotes with themselves.

Bottom line, feel free to use the updated online version of the free SMS extractor:

Click: SMS / text message extraction from iPhone

  2 Responses to “Correct CSV export for free iPhone SMS extractor”

  1. Timotheus,

    This issue isn’t really about the extractor, but how Excel deals with CSV files. You need to tell Excel (when it opens or imports the CSV file) which cell separator it should use: in this case a comma (instead of a semi-colon for example).

  2. Hi
    i have this trouble.
    when i open sms.csv file, excel show me the content per line and not per colon. In cells A1 for example :
    ROWID,”address”,”date”,”text”,”flags”,”replace”, etc.

    A2 :
    96,”+86xxxx4244673″,”1298550860″,”At 6:30pm is better”,”2″,”0″,””,”31″,”0″,”0″,”4″

    It is really frustrating
    May i miss a step ?

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